Helping you reshape your understanding of how attorneys can help is the reason I’m happy to offer my services on a discounted flat-fee basis. I have created the Three-Two-One Go! and Three-Two-One Stay! Offers to be able to provide legal representation to you at an even steeper discount- in some cases, for about the same price as leading do-it-yourself online legal programs, but with your critical legal work in the hands of an actual, experienced attorney. 

With well over a decade of practice in California, I’m an experienced startup, corporate, business, publishing, and entertainment attorney (for a more detailed bio, please click here). I am also a passionate believer in honest, transparent flat legal fees as the future of the industry for startups and small businesses – so much so, in fact, that several years ago, I switched my own law practice to an exclusively flat fee billing system. 

My time representing entrepreneurs, startups, writers, filmmakers, and musicians has taught me a lot about what these individuals (or businesses) need from their attorneys --- and, sadly, what they’re consistently doing wrong. One of the biggest problems facing cash-strapped entrepreneurs, new businesses, or creatives is that, because they believe they can’t afford “real attorney fees,” they put off getting qualified legal help at the inception of their creation. Unfortunately, now they’re flying solo at a time when it’s perhaps the most critical to have qualified legal counsel at their side. When you’re doing your own legal work but you aren’t a lawyer, inevitably mistakes are going to be made, and these are all too often expensive (or sometimes even impossible) to fix, causing potentially irreparable damage to your project, startup, or business.

Since my switchover to flat-fee billing, I’ve also learned something else – people are terrified of lawyer bills. That fear – the gnawing anxiety of, “What’s my final bill going to rack up to?” – makes it hard for people to trust their attorneys, which damages what is supposed to be a sacrosanct relationship of trust between attorney and client. As someone who really does believe flat fee billing should be the future for business legal services in the United States, I wanted to offer something to people that would help clients set aside that billings fear, so that we could build a better, more trusting attorney-client relationship right from the very start. 

In case it wasn’t clear from reading this, I’m not a giant company offering one-size-fits-all prepackaged stock documents, or cookie-cutter “advice.” I’m a real, live honest-to-goodness experienced business attorney, with a law practice, in downtown Los Angeles, California. Three-Two-One Go! and Three-Two-One Stay! are unique deal packages that afford an easy, introductory way to experience the serious value you can get when they hire a lawyer on a true flat fee basis. Most offers are created for entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, writers, filmmakers, musicians, indie production, and artists.

Obviously, not all of my flat fees are this low; in fact, nearly all of them are higher, although I confidently believe they are all set at a very competitive rate. My hope is that by participating in these packages that are often at a neck-and-neck competitive rate to the most popular do-it-yourself online legal service programs, you will become more familiar with flat fees – what they offer, why they’re so valuable, and how they can work for your needs. 

Please contact us to discuss how we can help with your legal needs, mvkann@lomvk.com, or (323) 632-5668.

ATTORNEY ADVERTISEMENT FOR MELISSA V. KANN. All information on this page is advertising material for informational purposes only, should not be construed to be legal advice, and does not create an attorney-client relationship. Hiring an attorney is an important decision that you should not make based solely on advertising or on our self-proclaimed expertise. Attorney Melissa V. Kann is not a certified specialist in any practice areas. You should always make your own independent evaluation of any lawyer you are thinking about hiring. The Law Offices of Melissa V. Kann does not offer any guarantees regarding the outcome of your legal matter. Prior results in other cases do not guarantee a similar outcome in your case. Copyright 2017 Law Offices of Melissa V. Kann. All rights reserved.

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