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The Law Offices of Melissa V. Kann are a full-service startup, business transactions and arts law firm located in downtown Los Angeles, CA. We are dedicated to helping startups, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and creative artists in all areas of business, the arts, publishing, and entertainment. For more than a decade, Melissa Kann has been providing a broad range of high-quality legal services to a wide range of clients, including both businesses and individuals, throughout the greater Los Angeles area, and the state of California. If you need a business lawyer in Los Angeles for the management of your ongoing business legal needs (including services traditionally performed by in-house corporate counsel), formation of a new corporation, negotiating a technology agreement, marketing, or other complex business agreement, or representation concerning publishing, music or fine arts matters, we will act on your behalf, aggressively and competently, to get your business the results it needs for future success.
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California Corporate Attorney

A building of any size – from small family home to giant urban skyscraper – requires sound architectural planning to ensure its stability and longevity. When it comes to your startup, business, or entertainment project, sound legal planning is the architectural blueprint that lays the foundation to growth, success and stability. More than ever in today’s challenging economic climate, it is vital for businesses, entrepreneurs, and creators to protect themselves with sound legal strategies that protect their business but still provide them with the flexibility they need to operate. By utilizing an experienced California corporate attorney who understands your unique needs, you can equip yourself with the tools for success in a challenging market. Whether you are looking for a skilled contract lawyer or need a wide range of other legal services, Melissa Kann can help.

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